What are Sisterlocks? Sisterlocks™ are relatively tiny and uniform locks created using a trademarked locking technique.  This hair management system allows women with textured hair to enjoy a wide range of styles without chemically altering their hair


How long should my hair be if I want Sisterlocks? You should have approximately 2" of unprocessed hair to install Sisterlocks  


How much do Sisterlocks cost?  The cost depends on the length of your hair, your hair density, and the size of your surface area.  Please schedule a consultation to receive an exact quote


How long does the installation take? That depends on the length/texture/density of your hair and the size of your head.  Please schedule a consultation to receive the most accurate estimate


What should I expect from my Sisterlocks™ Consultant? The Sisterlocks™ Package consists of 3 visits including the 1) Consultation, the 2) Locking Session and the 3) Follow-up visit  (scheduled within a month and after at least 2 shampoos).  You can find more information about the  Sisterlocks ™  package as well as find a qualified consultant on the Sisterlocks™ website at www.sisterlocks.com


What products should I use on my Sisterlocks?
Once your Sisterlocks™ are established, it is recommended that you only use the Sisterlocks™ products.  You will receive the Sisterlocks™ "Starter Shampoo" as part of the package deal when your Sisterlocks™ are installed.  You can purchase additional products from a sisterlocks™ distributor (like NoVa Locs) or from the Sisterlocks™ website at www.sisterlocks.com. Plan to NOT use any color or any other products on your hair until your locks have matured.  If you must color your hair, do so prior to your installation